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Our Story

Le muelle is an online brand directory business located on the North Coast in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

We provide brand directory services in South Africa to any business or individual.  

We will be growing our business with more related products and services as time goes!

Britney Theessen

The Business owner of Le muelle has a passion for helping other businesses and is striving to have a positive impact.

The idea came about when the owner had the desire to begin a blog to keep busy during COVID-19 lockdown. Coupled with the idea of beginning a blog and a strong desire to have a business it has resulted to what it is today.


Come along with us for a journey of entrepreneurial improvement & satisfaction…

God Bless x

About us

We have been in operation since 2021. Our Mission is to provide content, products and services through other businesses to people all over South Africa as well as globally. We want to encourage businesses to feel confident in their own identity and to embrace their God given destinies. 

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