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About Us


We have been in operation since 2021. Our Mission is to provide content, products and services to people all over South Africa as well as globally. We want to encourage people to feel comfortable in their own skin and to embrace who God created them to be.

We all are born for a different purpose in this life, therefore we are all unique.  We want to encourage people to be the best versions of themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually. This ultimately effects the life you wish to live and the happiness one experiences. 

Our Name

Our name is pronounced ‘le-mu-al’. It is formed from the name ‘Lemuel’ which is of Hebrew origin meaning ‘Devoted to God’, therefore we are devoted to Him and every effort is for His glory.

The name is only mentioned in the bible twice in Proverbs 31 whose name was given to a King. By adding the ‘le’ at the end and separating the name into 2 parts as seen, changes the meaning of the word, therefore in Spanish it means ‘dock’. In French ‘Le muelle’ means ‘the dock’. To us this symbolizes rejuvenation – like ships dock to restock or refuel so do we as individuals need to refuel. By having the ‘le’ at the beginning and the end of our name it symbolizes to us that Christ is the beginning and the end, He is never changing. Our leaf in the logo symbolizes renewal. This represents that we all as humans can change the path we take for the better at any time in our lives.

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